How to start using XMPP/Jabber account?

On this page we'll try to explain how to start using XMPP/Jabber with

1. Choose your Jabber ID

The Jabber ID (or user name) consists of two parts: nickname and domain name where you would like to have your account. It's quite similar to e-mail address, but with XMPP server name after @. It look's like or Our services now give only domain, but if you have your domain – you may registered your domain ( here ), and take Jabber ID like

2. Register new XMPP/Jabber account

Now you have to register your account - you can do it here on this page .

3. Choose the most suitable XMPP client

Now there are a lot of clients to communicate using an XMPP protocol. Most of them are Free and suitable for various operating systems and devices. On this page, you can find a brief list of clients.