Your XMPP/Jabber server hosting gives you the opportunity to expand your XMPP server on your domain name. This can be useful if you need a corporate server for business correspondence or private server for personal communication. Our service uses Ejabberd script, which is one of the best in terms of reliability and stability (more here) .

In addition, our service does not store log messages (they are stored only locally - on your device) does not store passwords in the public domain and does not use the database file. In combination with the use of TSL encryption client-server and server to server - it allows you to talk about your highest level of data protection.

And most importantly - the first year of use - free of charge! Then the price will be 1 $ per month. Payment can be via PayPal or Bitcoin, but the first year you do not need to think about it! Read more about this here .

Register your server, you can here .