How to create your own XMPP/Jabber server and connect with your domain.


Register in the portal by clicking on the "XMPP/Jabber Server - Login" button.


Enter your email address and create a password.


Check your email. And click on the link you receive in the mail.


Registration is completed.


Go to the admin panel. Link has the right at the top - "LOG IN".

Add domain name

Our list of servers is empty. Create a virtual XMPP / Jabber server. To do this, click on the button "Add new domain name".

Add domain name

Enter the domain name. For example shows how to create XMPP / Jabber server for name "".

Configuring DNS server records

In order for it to connect, configure the DNS records. How to do this, is described in detail here.

Configuring DNS server records

Example of the correct DNS records in hosting

XMPP/Jabber server work!

Excellent. Now you have your own XMPP / Jabber server.

Web user interface

Your users can call or recorded through the web interface to your address. For example "".

Setting XMPP/Jabber server

If you need only register through the WEB. Turn off the "WEB".

Web user registration

Now your address, you can only create. For example "".

On how to configure DNS zone read here.