Terms of use

All services Ulloo.net are freely available and accessible to everyone. Using XMPP-account - free of charge and in perpetuity (as long as we support the project, which we hope will be forever)). Using the server as free of charge for one year from the date of registration, will then be charged a symbolic fee of $ 1 per month. You can also make your server public or private - in the second case, your domain name will not appear in the public domain.

Notification and payment instructions will come to your registered e-mail, so please - look in it at least occasionally.

As for the rest, we reserve the right to block any account in case of DDoS attacks, as well as delete the account, which is not used for more than 12 months (after notifying the user). When you select a user name in the public domain, remember that we can delete your account, whose name can mislead other users ("admin" and the like).